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There’s so many approaches these days when it comes to how people make their home the place they want to be and a place to really want their family and friends to see. Naturally we want our place to be a sight for sore eyes rather than an eye sore and that’s why it’s important that if you’re going to tile your home, everything needs to be harmony.

Some parts you will simply want to match. On the other hand, there might be things you want to catch the attention of others. This might be furniture, wall paintings and photos or ornaments. Even different rooms can be what. You are trying to highlight. So how can tiles help you? You can consider the combination of colours and the affect they have on us.

Usually, we use tiles to cover or floors and often times, we use neutral colours. Sometimes, we might want to do more with our floors and getting them in different colours will create a certain mood for your home. Aside from this, your wall tiles can also help. So what colour for what mood?

Basically, colours can be based on 3 main colours. That is red, yellow and blue. Mix yellow with red and you’ll get orange. Between red and blue, you can get purple. Mixing yellow and blue will get you green. To get different colours between that, and all you have to do is mix less or more of the other colour. But how does this help to when it comes to the tiles for your home?

Anything between red and yellow really helps to create a social atmosphere for your home. Perhaps you can try having neutral coloured floor tiles while tiling your walls with one of these social colours if you love to have parties.
With mixing blue with red or yellow, you can create a more calm atmosphere if you work from home or simply need to wind down. To achieve this, the colours will need to have more blue in them.

The great thing about tiles these days is that they do come in such a large range of colours. So feel free to ask us to suggest you a colour for whatever mood you want to get for your home. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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We found some great Tile Patterns here! Be sure to have a browse!

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Wow Amazingly cool Tiles here. Thank you for the free information.

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