Building Pest Inspections

What to Consider When Choosing a Building Inspection Report Company

With property sales now on the rise within Australia and thousands of new home buyers seeking mortgages and investing in new homes; it’s not uncommon for a handful of unsavoury transactions to slip through the net from time to time. Although many of these transactions may have been ethical in nature, the fact that some sellers may try to conceal and disguise potential pest control issues and termites with their homes is becoming increasingly problematic – and it’s one of the reasons why many first time (and repeat) home buyers are turning to building inspection companies for help.

What to Consider When Choosing a Building Inspection Report Company

The first thing to consider is that these agencies offer services relating to property inspections and investigations. These evaluations can vary, from attempting to ascertain whether there may be any long term damages and concerns present within the structure of a home, right through to identifying any issues resulting from the presence of pests and wild animals. When choosing one of these companies there are several things to consider; namely their availability, their cost and their level of performance.

The Availability Factor

Some sales can be subjected to pressure; especially those whereby multiple buyers may be interested in a purchase. Unfortunately, each buyer will be responsible for ensuring that their inspection is taken care of by their own chosen company (unless the seller is able to produce a recent report themselves). If a particular agency isn’t available for a certain amount of time it can delay the transaction process – and it could mean that the buyer ends up missing out on the opportunity, as another buyer has been able to complete their inspection and place an offer.

The Cost

When it comes to the fees associated with building inspections the majority, if not all agencies within Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia in general, will typically try to keep their prices competitive. There are average rates that a buyer should expect to pay – but it’s not uncommon to find cheaper alternatives without sacrificing on the quality; especially if one knows where to look. The internet is a good place to start, what with online prices usually being lower than in-store counterparts.

Their Results and Performance

It can be fairly simple to mislead an audience into investing in services with testimonials and false reviews; especially when using the internet to choose an inspection company. In order to obtain a real opinion of how well a particular agency is able to perform, third party review websites are recommended – as is talking directly to previous clients when possible. If the majority of clients speak positively about their experience and these comments have been made on a legitimate platform (outside of the control of the company), then it’s safe to assume that they can be trusted.