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Welcome to Majer Tiles. Here you’ll find suppliers of all types of stone floor tiles in the sizes and price ranges to suit you. As well as an extensive suppliers database we also have a variety of information about choosing and installing all types of stone tiles. With a wide variety of stone floor tile producers, importers and distributors its now a better time than ever to get the beautiful stone tiled floor you’ve always dreamt of.

Check out our video of our latest end of lease floor tile and rug and carpet cleaning service.

2020 – Covid-19 Update

We are now offering a specialised Covid-19 Aircon Repair & Service package to ensure your home or work environment is fully sanitised and virus free.

A natural stone floor is a wise investment in your new custom home build and will most definitely add substantial value to your home as well as adding a touch of class to bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and hallways.

Whatever type of stone floor you decide to pursue, you can be sure to find something that’s perfect for your application, from extremely hard-wearing marble for high traffic areas, and has been made so popular in shops and hotel lobbies, through to warm and soft feel limestone and sandstone floors which are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, particularly when combined with underfloor heating.

We are also branching out to offer information about different types of stone and manufactured tiles, including wall tiles, splash-back tiles and borders, as well as general DIY and home improvement advice as well as offering tile and carpet cleaning services. Let us conduct a full building pest inspection before you undertake any work on your property.

Tiles For Your Home Or Shop Fit Out

Choosing Vinyl Floor Tiles

One of the main attractions of this type shop floor is the cost; vinyl tiles are often available for a very low price, so you won’t need to break the budget – no matter how big the shop floor space is. The reason is because they’re usually made out of recycled materials, but you won’t  be sacrificing quality for price.

Vinyl tiles are very long lasting and this makes them perfect for any type of shop flooring. There are many different wear layer thickness options too – the thicker the vinyl, the longer it will last and maintain an unblemished condition.

We also offer full fitting of floors and tiles and provide all adhesive products and silicone and sealants for laying your floors.

Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone is a dense, porous rock which forms over thousands of years at the bottom of the ocean from the accumulation of seashells and other calcium rich items. It is widely known for its toughness, durability and quality and is often a good choice for both internal and external applications.

Slate Floor Tiles

Slate is a fine grained, dense, dark grey rock formed from the compression of clays and shale. It has been a traditional roofing and flooring material in many parts of the world. Traditionally much of the best slate came from the UK, however most new slate now comes from China.

Travertine Floor Tiles

Travertine (also know as travertine limestone) is a beautiful stone with unique features that no other stone can offer. It is very sought after for distinguished floor tiles and often contains bands of colors caused by impurities in the water in which it was formed.

Sandstone Floor Tiles

Sandstone has a wonderful color that can give a warm soft feel to a room, which is uncommon for stone floors. It is often used on kitchen floors, but like travertine it needs to be sealed to both protect it and bring out its color.


Swimming Pool Tiles

The difference between in ground and above ground pools in terms of design & use of tiles:

The appearance of the two types of swimming pool designs can vary as a lot – mainly due to the fact that one will be built into the ground and the other will be constructed above it. As a result, there are some features that can only be an option for one type or the other, and other features that can be available to both. For example, diving boards are often found on both types – as long as the depth of the water can cater to people diving in from above.

Adversely, tiles with friction are often found alongside underground pools, whereas over ground swimming pools won’t always have space to do so. When deciding it all depends on the types of features that you’d like to enjoy, as well as the budget that you have available for the design and construction.

In Australia, due to government regulations all pools require fencing to maintain child safety.

Covid 19 2020 Update

All our cleaning projects now use only products from Conquest Equipment Technologies including their:

commercial floor sweeper
floor cleaning machine service
sweeping machine
floor sweeper
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oscillating floor scrubber
scrubber machine
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