Travertine Tiles for Bathrooms.

Bathrooms have fast become our own personal day spas, so we expect a certain degree of luxury and comfort.

There are some general boundaries before you start shopping budget, overall look, forms and colours.

Natural stone is becoming a very popular choice as a bathroom tile, especially

Travertine Tiles. Many home owners are now using stone tiles to create a sumptuous home spa look in the bathroom.

There are many different types of Travertine Tiles available for use in the home, and each type varies, depending on where it is quarried (where it comes from), available in many different finishes, honed, unfilled, chiseled, filled, tumbled and polished.

Travertine Tiles for Bathrooms come in a variety of sizes in colours ranging from cream to deep walnut. The honed finish tends to be the most popular and widely available.

If you like the look of natural stone in your bathroom, Travertine Tiles are an excellent choice for the Bathroom.  Travertine Tiles used correctly, will give you a very natural, earthy look, creating a luxurious bathroom.

Choose from the huge variety of Travertine tiles available at Tile Factory Outlet at prices which will amaze you. See some examples below.


Porcelain tiles

No home is complete without tiles and a great option to look at is porcelain tiles. With any home renovation, you are not only looking to improve the look of your home to a point, but you want to do as much as you can to get the most out of your
project as you can. It’s not every day that we renovate and if anything, it could be decades between them. That’s why you want to get it right while you have the chance. Otherwise that’s at least triple the work first try, undoing it, trying again. So let’s try to knock off one area your choice in tiles.

Like we mentioned, porcelain tiles are a great choice. They are used all over the world giving you peace of mind that you’re not experimenting with something new. So why would you take on this option?

One thing to note about porcelain tiles is that they are built tough. If you are looking for strength in you tiles to withstand knocks and bumps, you can’t go past porcelain. Although often the choice for commercial use, these will do great in your home to. You won’t have to worry as much about dropping things on them. Of course if you drop a piano from the sky onto your tiles, or any for that matter, you might be in trouble. For everyday use though, you shouldnt have any worries.

You also need to know that porcelain tiles come in different offerings. Some options are glazed, unglazed or polished. Which one you decide to go with will depends on your budget, look and use. We can help you narrow these options down so if you like, send us a post at If you can manage, even better, come see us at the showroom.