Kitchen Wall Tiles


In this article, I shall impart some tips on top trends in kitchen wall tiles. You have heard a lot about ceramic tiles, glass tiles and porcelain tiles that adorn kitchen walls. Here I shall talk about other kinds of kitchen wall tiles that are not hyped so much.

Travertine tiles

These tiles are preferred by those who want a natural stone finish and since these kinds of tiles are never identical and never ever feature the same patterns, you can create a design with a lot of variety on the kitchen walls. However installing them can be a tricky affair. After and before grouting, you should seal these tiles.

You can choose from 2 kinds of finishes – if you are seeking a buffed, sleek surface then you should opt for the polished finish or you can go for the tumbled finish to create a rough and tough effect. In these kinds of tiles the color options are really limited.

Marble kitchen wall tiles

If you want a really classy and sophisticated look in your kitchen and are ready to shell out good amount of cash for imported Italian marble tiles, then you should definitely opt for marble kitchen wall tiles. The highly polished stunning surface is ideal for a luxurious look but you have to remember that before and after grouting, you shall have to get the marble kitchen wall tiles sealed. However, they get stained easily, but the variety of different patterns more than compensates for the lack.

Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles are costly and slippery and therefore they are easy to clean and dust and grime find it difficult to settle on terrazzo tiles. These types of tiles are exquisitely beautiful and cost a bomb and are also difficult to install but the look created is worth the trouble.

Tailor made tiles

Majertiles offers custom made or tailor made tiles according to the specifications set by you and you can choose from printed material or computer graphics and images from photo library to make your kitchen wall tiles the most outstanding seen in recent times.